Cheap Trick's 'In Color' as re-recorded by Steve Albini in 1997.

1. Hello There
2. Big Eyes
3. Downed
4. I Want You To Want Me
5. You're All Talk
6. Oh Caroline
7. Clock Strikes Ten
8. Southern Girls
9. Come On, Come On
10. So Good To See You

Extra Extra:
11. I'm Losing You
12. Oh Caroline (Alternate)
13. Can't Hold On
14. I Want You To Want Me (Alternate)
15. Fan Club

Background information may be obtained here, but the gist of it is that Cheap Trick went into the studio to re-record the album due to the fact that the original record was mixed by Helen Keller. It has never been properly released (it finally found its way into the hands of a few collectors via a cassette-dubbed master-sourced CD leaked by an ex-employee of the band's), though looking to the future I hope it will one day be finished and properly released. It is a real gem of a find, as the cuts are absolutely stunning. The godfathers of modern hard rock once again prove their worth. Also, they never broke up. You know, like the Pixies. Fuck you.