The Cupcakes first untitled album, Half-Baked Cakes

01. Super Grosso
02. Birds of Prey
03. Daddy's Paranoia
04. Bad Energy
05. Sinister Confusion
06. Secret Service
07. M-80's
08. Milk and Cookies
09. Intentionally Vague, Vr. 1
10. The Gift (live)
11. Delta Waves (live)

B-Sides Album Crumbs
01. Birds of Prey
02. Chronic Fatigue
03. Moviestar Killer
04. Simplicity
05. Kill All the Clones

I'll fully admit that I know very little about the history of the Cupcakes, aside from the fact that they are indirectly responsible for my marriage and that Dreamworks seriously dropped the ball on this great group of musicians. The former tells you very little about these two albums, but it does sum up rather nicely how truly amazing this band is. Scott Lucas of Local H once said that their 2000 self-titled release was the best local (Chicago) album of the year, and it doesn't stop there. Their first album is riddled with the same techno-thrills and William Gibsonesque ideologies as their latter work, while b-sides album Crumbs is the logical continuation of Cupcakes, retaining all of the quirk under newfound pop sensibility. The original downloads for these can be found here, as well as their hilarious ode to Dreamworks. Perhaps one day Greg, Matt, Preston and Solomon will release the ill-fated second album - its legacy is sure to rival that of the Toadies Feeler.