our manifesto
ndspeedo says, "we hope you can relate to our desire to rock and roll." well, we do. that is why this page exists. to learn rock and roll. to play rock and roll. to spread rock and roll. to be rock and roll.

this page is completely un-official. we make no claims to the accuracy of these transcriptions. in fact, a couple of them are definately incorrect. probably all of them are incorrect. we do, however, feel that these tablatures are a starting point for fans of rocket from the crypt and fans of rock and roll. the goal here is not to produce a bunch of rocket clones, for originality is golden... the key is to take these riffs and styles, digest them, and then integrate them into you own.

the ideal situation to play these rock and roll songs is solo acoustic in front of a coffeehouse crowd expecting a jewel song. or in your middle school band. or on star search. or on a ukelele sitting around a campfire on the beach sand. or on a 7" called "[you band's name here] plays the rocket from the crypt." or not at all.

that aside, you gotta kick out the jams, motherfucker!