Dan Sartain's Family Legacy, 1981-1998

01. Telegram Sam
02. Not the Boy She Knew
03. Boxcutter in my Boot
04. Love is Crimson (on "vs. the Serpientes")
05. Public Dancer
06. Besame Mucho
07. Plug Me In
08. Strength in Numbers
09. Carry Weight
10. Steal That Girl
11. Live to Tell About It
12. In the Night
13. Mr. Moonlight
14. K-Car
15. Goodnight

2002's Romance in Stereo
16. Stable Man
17. Romance Ain't Free

2007's Daytrotter Session
18. I Don't Wanna Go to the Party
19. Hangers On
20. Done a Lot
21. Tiger Man

Phew! That's quite a lot, innit? Well, this recap is fairly simple. Sartain Family Legacy was a tour-only release containing tracks from Crimson Guard (which I can't find my copy of, will upload later) and Romance in Stereo as well as numerous unreleased tracks. The two tracks from Romance in Stereo are those not covered by Family Legacy or vs. the Serpientes. The Daytrotter Session are tracks originally released to Daytrotter for an article they wrote on him. Read it, it's damn good stuff.

Unlike most of the other works hosted on this site, these albums are not unreleased. They are just hard to come by and, well, frankly, that's a shame, as Dan is probably one of the most talented and humble musicians around today. He works hard to make great music for us and, as such, I got his explicit permission to upload this. He works at a record shop in Birmingham by day, records by night, and tours when he should be sleeping. If you speak to him at a show he'll probably either offer or bum a cigarette depending, but you can always count on him to share a smile and his thoughts on music. So don't be a dick and rip the man off, see him tour, buy his albums, buy a t-shirt, in fact, buy two or three, join his mailing list, and thank him for being so fucking cool.