The Toadies would-be 1997 sophomore album, Feeler.

01. ATF
02. City of Hate
03. Pink
04. Waterfall
05. Twitch
06. Mine
07. Dead Boy Boogie
08. Tornado
09. Joey, Let's Go
10. Suck Magic
11. Clarksville
12. Your Day
13. Littlefish
14. Send You to Heaven

These are the original Feeler songs, and only the ones which didn't end up on Hell Above/Stars Below. A lot of Feeler releases come packaged with tons of b-sides and single songs, but those aren't part of what the album was going to be. This is said to be the definitive mix of what was hopefully going to be on the album until the label killed it and demanded a new recording or re-working of the songs which they deemed acceptable. Truly sad, as Feeler would have been one of the few grunge-era sophomore albums to take a drastically different approach to the band's style..

Thanks go out to my awesome boss for hooking me up with these songs and giving me some trivia on the album. For instance, Tornado was originally recorded by Lisa's uncle's band The Jiants back in 1959. How cool is that?