kill all hippies

Revel in the extremely dumb and incredibly bored:

Take a listen to Cheap Trick's re-recording of In Color with Steve Albini
Or how about the never before released Toadies second album Feeler
If that doesn't interest you, surely Pussy Galore covering the Rolling Stones master-album Exile on Main St will
No Swami collection is complete without Dan Sartain's Family Legacy
Check out the Cupcakes first album, which I dub Pre-Baked Cakes, as well as b-sides album Crumbs
The Shit Hits the Fans as the Mats do what they do best: get hammered and play
Live from the Ghost Planet, it's Space Ghost: Coast to Coast with Sonny Sharrock and his thousand pound horn
Before there was an official ASG III, there was a fanmade All Systems Go 3, bringing together all your favorite hard to find and unreleased RFTC songs

While your favorite blogspot was hit by a car and left for dead like that bull terrier you had as a kid, we're still here, serving up goodness, now in our second decade. Good doggy.

No grit, just gusto, it's the first three incredible compilations from the Flipside fanzine
You never saw it coming: Clarence "Kelly" Johnson's P-38 Lightning, right out of thin air
Come on, don't come on, Fig Dish is here to wax poetic about the joys of alcoholism and failure in the Midwest
Take a mainline to the stars with sister vanilla, we can't be sure you'll ever come back
Nearly twenty years after he rumbled the world, Link Wray was anything but stuck in gear, outta time and outta gas
Some schmucks gave me a radio show! Joke's on them, I don't even listen to music. Go fuck yourself
What's the point? It's a public mutiny, public mutiny, public mutiny with Boston's The Not (1-2-3-4!)
Fathers, sons, mothers, daughters, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we're all overCOMPensating for something
From a C-90 Type I straight to yr heart, it's Gas Mask Love, as lovingly dubbed by thee one, thee only Mike Metzger
Paralyze yourself on the slippery synth-drenched sounds of Seattle's one and only Cripples

Too pretty to fuck, too ugly to die, not even the raging ennui of our third decade can stop us from shitting tasty aural goodness all over your chest. Clever girl.

¡Coming Attractions! Lawsuits beckon in triplicate, starring the rarest mass produced record of all time: "Their Satanic Majesties Request" by The Rolling Stones in true mono

There are also some Rocket from the Crypt tabs here, but who the fuck listens to them, anyway?

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Horns rule, fuck keyboards. We may no longer endorse this viewpoint.